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You take care of your dog like he’s your child when it comes to healthcare, grooming, playtime, etc ., but do you know what exactly is in his food? Nom is a fresh dog food brand that is helping pet parents make more informed and healthier decisions for their dogs by providing them with high-quality canine food that is made with whole ingredients you can actually recognize.

“Between overly-processed brown kibble, canned mystery meat, and a long list of unpronounceable ingredients on labels, it’s no wonder pet parents are getting mixed signals about what is actually good for their dogs, ” Nom told SheKnows. “What started off as a personal endeavor to create the perfect diet for a beloved dog’s compromised immune system, [Nom] is now a household staple for pet parents nationwide. But they’re not stopping at making the perfect bowl of food for your dog — they’re committed to improving pet health in an industry that has a lot of catching up to do. ”

And not only is Nom improving your pet’s diet one meal at a time, but thanks to Nom’s home delivery service, you also don’t have to make any more last-minute dashes to the supermarket to pick up a can of dog food. Each Nom meal comes pre-portioned and arrives at your door.

Here’s how Nom works: First, you and your pup create a profile on the company’s website. This profile will outline your pet’s health goals and help Nom’s Board Certified Veterinary Nutritionists get a better understanding of how to customize your dog’s food. These two nutritionists oversee every step of the food production process — “from sourcing raw ingredients, to prepping and cooking, to packaging each meal in kitchens that they control, ” Nom says.

You can update and change your dog’s profile at any time to incorporate life changes and his food plan will morph with his lifestyle.

Then, the Nom team will begin preparing plus packaging your dog’s fresh food within the company’s USA-based kitchens. Subscribers can also shop Nom’s variety of fresh dog foods via the Nom website. And those who are curious but aren’t ready to subscribe can also purchase and try Nom food items at their local PetSmart.

Finally, once your own dog’s food is ready to go plus gets the Board Certified Veterinary Nutritionists’ seal of approval, meals will be shipped directly to you.

And Nom is offering a special discount with regard to SheKnows readers — get 50 percent off your two-week trial by signing up right here .

“Nom makes real, good food for dogs that’s packed with everything they need to live happier, healthier, more energetic lives, ” Nom tells us. “All grounded in the belief that quality nutrition is a key component in both preventative care and overall wellness for our four-legged family. ”

Head over to Nom’s website to build your dog’s user profile and get him on the right track to a healthier 2023 — and be sure to take advantage of the 50-percent-off offer while you can!

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