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Waffles the husky gets deshedding treatment at Pet Supplies Plus

MARSHFIELD, WI (OnFocus) – Dog grooming isn’t only for your pets, it also can help your family’s overall health as well.

Grooming can help keep your pet’s coat healthy as groomers check for fleas, ticks and other bugs. Making sure you have regularly scheduled pet grooming session will help improve your dog’s overall hygiene.

“We love working with furry family members to help them be comfortable and happy while they are being groomed, ” said Cicely Steinmetz, Grooming Team Lead.

Regular grooming sessions can help keep your pets from shedding, therefore keeping your house cleaner. Grooming also removes dust, pollen and other allergens from a pet’s coat which can help your home air quality.

Pet Supplies Plus, located at 1810 N Central Ave in Marshfield, has a sale on grooming packages starting at $20. Pet Supplies Plus has a full service grooming salon that offers fur shampoo and conditioning, tooth brushing, nail trimming and care and much more.

Check out the grooming and bath packages available on the Pet Supplies In addition website . They also have a self-serve grooming station where walk-ins are welcome.

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