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CEO of Hounds Town USA talks about some of the biggest risks facing dogs this summer and how owners can be on the lookout for warning signs of heat stroke.

RONKONKOMA, NY, UNITED STATES, July 26, 2022 / EINPresswire. com / — RONKONKOMA, Ny. – A lot of the U. S. is experiencing some of the hottest weather in decades with warmth waves soaring into the triple digits. As oppressive as the heat is for us, it can be even more dangerous for our four-legged companions.

Jackie Bondanza, CEO of Hounds Town USA , the 30-plus unit doggy daycare franchise, offers tips and knowledge owners should have on hand to keep their pets safe in the heat:

Provide ample shade and water for your dog so they have a place to rest out of direct sunlight. They can get dehydrated very quickly.

Watch for signs of heatstroke and act quickly if you notice any of them. These include excessive panting or difficulty breathing, increased heart and respiratory rate, drooling, mild weakness, or even collapse. Get the dog cool, and see a vet right away.

Do not leave your dog alone in a parked vehicle. Cars in direct sunlight heat up very quickly and dogs can dehydrate rapidly, leading to fatal heat stroke. On an 85-degree day, for example , the temperature inside a car with the windows opened slightly can reach 102 degrees within 10 minutes.

Trim your dog’s hair, but don’t ever shave your dog. Their coats actually help protect from overheating and sunburn.
Watch out for hot pavement. Test the pavement with your bare hand before taking your dog for a walk. If you can’t stand the heat, neither can your dog’s paws. Limit walk times to morning and evening when temperatures are really high.

“Always err on the side of caution when it comes to temperature and dogs, ” says Bondanza. “As hot as it seems to us, it can be even more severe for them. On really hot days, try to limit physical activity such as walks plus playing to early morning or even late evening hours just to be safe. ”

Pet owners should see a vet right away if they notice any signs of overheating and heat stroke, such as panting, glazed eyes, a rapid heartbeat, difficulty breathing, excessive thirst, lethargy, fever, dizziness, lack of coordination, profuse salivation, vomiting, a deep red or purple tongue, seizure plus unconsciousness.

Since 2000, Hounds Town USA has offered a safe and welcoming environment for dogs to be canines. With interactive doggie daycare, pet boarding, dog grooming, a pet taxi and retail services, Hounds Town USA’s unique town for dogs is home to the happiest dogs — and franchise proprietors — on Earth. Founded by former NYPD canine handler and commanding officer of the Nassau County Police Department Michael S. Gould, Hounds Town USA has grown in order to more than 30 locations with plans to open 20 more units before 2023. For more information, please visit houndstownfranchise. com .

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