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Which Companies Cover Vaccinations?

Pet insurance companies’ standard plans typically only cover accidents, illnesses or a combination. However , several providers offer vaccination coverage for an additional price. See our top recommendations below.

Lemonade Pet Insurance Vaccination Coverage

Known for its renters and home insurance policies, Lemonade offers more affordable pet insurance plans than many competitors. The company also has an user-friendly mobile app to manage your pet’s health, file claims and track your policy coverage plus billing.    

The organization provides vaccination coverage through its Preventative and Preventative+ plans. These packages include additional coverage for various procedures and conditions general pet insurance policies don’t cover, such as exam fees and microchipping. The Preventative package covers rabies, DHLPP, plus bordetella vaccines. The Preventative+ package covers these vaccines plus three more.

Spot Pet Insurance Vaccination Coverage

Spot Pet Insurance provides a low-cost accident-only plan ideal for pet owners looking to save. The company’s policies are more customizable than most competitors, with annual limit options ranging from $2, 500 to unlimited. Spot’s Gold and Platinum preventive plan add-ons cover vaccines.  

These add-ons cover distemper, hepatitis, parainfluenza and parvovirus (DHLPP) vaccines. You can also choose between rabies, Lyme disease or feline infectious peritonitis (FIP) vaccines. The Gold plan costs $9. 95 extra per month with $250 per-treatment limits per year. The Platinum strategy costs an additional $24. 95 per month with $450 per-treatment limits per year.

ASPCA Pet Health Insurance Vaccination Coverage

ASPCA Pet Health Insurance is one of the most well-known providers in the pet insurance industry and has more than 15 years of experience. This reputable provider offers an affordable accident-only plan option and a more extensive Complete Care plan for a higher price.  

ASPCA covers vaccines in its Preventative Basic plus Preventative Prime add-ons. The Preventative Basic add-on covers the DHLPP vaccine at a maximum of $20 and provides an option between rabies or Lyme vaccines at a cap of $20. The Preventative Prime add-on provides the same choices but adds bordetella vaccine coverage for a maximum of $25.  

Embrace Pet Insurance Vaccination Coverage

Embrace Dog Insurance stands out for the additional savings it offers pet parents. These include a 10% discount for each additional dog policy you purchase, a 5% military discount and a 10% discount for employees associated with companies that offer Embrace Pet Insurance.

Embrace covers vaccines as part of its Wellness Rewards plan. This plan lets you add $250, $450 or $650 in reimbursable coverage limitations on routine care, including vaccinations.  

Figo Pet Insurance Vaccination Coverage

Figo’s additional Wellness Powerup adds vaccination protection to its accident-and-illness program. Whereas most pet insurance providers place limits on their vet bill reimbursement, typically 90%, Figo allows you to choose 100% reimbursement. Its wellness plan has an option between $135 or $250 of annual reimbursement amounts, which apply to vaccinations.

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