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Most providers don’t cover basic obedience training, but some cover training for behavioral issues. We’ve researched the top pet insurance providers that cover training and outlined their coverage below.

Spot Training Coverage

Spot ’s accident-and-illness plan covers behavioral issues, including training for anxiety, aggression and other compulsive behaviors. You must see an approved animal behaviorist for claims to be reimbursed.

Spot offers some of the most customizable coverage of the providers on this list. It has two base plans plus 2 preventive care add-ons. It also has numerous deductible plus reimbursement rate options, plus annual limits ranging from $2, 500 to unlimited.

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Embrace Training Protection

Embrace offers one accident-and-illness plan covering a range of services from allergy treatment to hospitalization. The policy also covers behavioral treatment for things such as excessive barking, excessive licking and hostility.

All costs associated with behavioral treatment are covered, including prescription medications. However , any treatments or training must be administered by a veterinarian.

Embrace stands out for its savings opportunities. The company offers multiple discounts plus flexible coverage, including a range of annual limits, deductibles and reimbursement rates to fit your budget.

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Fetch Training Insurance coverage

Fetch by The Dodo is known for its extensive therapy coverage. In addition to treatment for  behavioral issues, it covers holistic care such as acupuncture, homeotherapy and stem-cell therapy.

Fetch’s standard accident-and-illness plan covers up to $1, 000 in treatment for changes in temperament, including aggression, anxiety and phobias. Additionally, it covers some items typically not covered by competitors, such as pet boarding if you’re hospitalized, advertising fees for lost pets, and cancellation fees if you have to cancel a vacation due to a pet health emergency.

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Trupanion Training Coverage

Trupanion offers a comprehensive accident-and-illness plan. However , you’ll need to enroll in its Recovery and Complementary Care add-on to receive coverage for your pet’s behavioral issues. The add-on reimburses 90% of costs for acupuncture, chiropractic treatment, hydrotherapy, rehabilitative therapy, naturopathy plus behavioral modification. Treatments must be given by a licensed veterinarian to qualify for reimbursement.

Though Trupanion has higher deductibles than some competitors, it offers flexible deductibles between $0 in addition to $1, 000. Selecting a $0 deductible means you won’t have to pay anything for covered care.

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ASPCA Pet Training Coverage

ASPCA offers an accident-only and accident-and-illness plan. Its accident-and-illness plan, called the Complete Coverage plan, includes coverage for behavioral issues such as excessive licking, hair pulling and destruction of the home. The company will cover behavioral training if it’s recommended by a vet and completed by an approved professional.

ASPCA stands out for its experience. The company has been around for more than 15 years and its policies are serviced by Crum and Forster Pet Insurance Group, which has a n A+ rating and accreditation from the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

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