Cobblers & dry-cleaners available: Malls now charm you with taking the burden of weekly chores – The Economic Times


From having tailors and cobblers to pet grooming , dry cleaning and car washing services, malls want to take care of shoppers’ every week chores so that they stay longer and shop.

Dwarka’s Vegas Mall has started giving space to cobblers and tailors and is in talks to open a pop-up health lab. Noida’s Gaur City Mall has opened a car washing centre while some malls are also in talks to offer pet grooming and other services.

“People come to malls on a Sunday with specific requirements and if they have many other things to do, they avoid coming. The idea is to bring all the services under one roof, so the customer spends time here and shops. We are tying up with local cobblers, health test lab and giving them space so that customers can use their services, ” said Harsh Bansal, co-founder of Unity group, which operates six malls in Delhi.

Unity group operates Vegas Shopping mall and a few other malls inside north and east Delhi, in the vicinity of the metro stations.

Experts said that with online sales continuing to rise, malls need to reinvent to ensure shoppers come to the physical stores.

Since most of the malls now operate on a revenue share model, the revenue of a store has a direct impact on the rental of a mall.

Mumbai’s Oberoi Mall has also taken such an initiative. “We have started offering various services such as EV charging stations, car spas, salon services, over-the-counter reading glasses, gift wrapping, plus cab assistance. We will also be adding glow shoe laundry which will help to maintain your shoes, ” said Sameep Pathak, CEO-Malls at Oberoi Realty .

Premium malls also offer additional services such as electronic wheelchairs for the elders and baby prams for kids along with hands-free porter service and luggage counter.

Nexus Malls , which operates 17 department stores in the country across 13 cities, offers car washing solutions, women’s parking, foot massage pods, ATMs and concierge for visitors.

“Malls have tried their best to come closer to their customers and offer them the best providers, ambience, fulfil their needs, leading to repeat footfalls, ” said Nishank Joshi, chief marketing officer at Nexus Malls.

Mall operators calculate the time spent by a customer through the parking system and some also use artificial intelligence to understand consumer behaviour.

Visitors coming to watch movies spend close to five hours while those coming for shopping or dining, spend about 2-3 hours.

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