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Wiggles collaborated with creators and influencers for the Petfluencer Party campaign that aimed at strengthening the brand’s position as a leader in pet nutrition and nurturing, through content.

Category Introduction

As per Market Decipher, the Indian Pet care market is estimated to be  INR  74, 000  Crores  in 2022  and forecasts to reach INR  210, 000 Crores  by 2032, growing  at a  CAGR of 19. 2%  from 2022 to 2032.   Food, Healthcare, Grooming, and accessories  are the major growth drivers. Other reports also suggest, the  pet food market is estimated at Rs. 2500 crore with close to 80% of the market  dominated by dog food, and is expected to reach ₹10, 770 crores by 2025.

Brand Introduction

Loved by 500, 000 pets and counting, Wiggles was founded in 2018 by pet parents, Anushka Iyer, Rajh Iyer, and Venkat Mahadevan. Focused on building an expert-driven 360 pet-care ecosystem, the brand offers a host of products, services, and a growing community.   The product focus is on the must-have space across food and treats, medicines, health supplements, plus grooming. The brand also has a range of services including dog boarding, veterinary services, nutrition, and behaviour consultations and training. Petsville by Wiggles is a state-of-the-art boarding, training, and healing facility inside Pune.


As per a recent industry report, 6 in 10 Indians now have a pet  today, with millennials and Gen Z driving this trend. This audience is looking for the very best for their pets and expects delightful customer experiences.

Wiggles Petfluencer Party is a platform that was created for this very reason – raising awareness about responsible pet care and crafting a niche in the creator culture. The first edition, hosted in Mumbai saw a host of celebrities and influencers coming together to have an afternoon full of fun while discussing the importance of Right Nutrition for dogs. The brand used this platform to launch its latest offering – EveryDawg – an economy range dog food with the Right ingredient, Right benefits, Right price.

Pet parents including Anusha Dandekar, Poonam Pandey, Suchitra Krishnamoorthi, Bandagi Kalra, and Lakshya Kapoor were among the 100+ pet parents who attended the petfluencer party with their dogs.

The campaign was amplified both before and after the event on social media including a contest where pet parents could win an invite to this exclusive party.

Problem Statement/Objective

The objective was to debunk the myths and address concerns about dog food and nutrition, which segued seamlessly into the release of EveryDawg. The brand wanted to achieve this in a culturally relevant and delightful manner by partnering with creators and influencers, in a manner not done by any brand in the category before.


The brief was to create a system with creators and influencers in a manner that’s never been done in the category while raising awareness of responsible pet care.

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Creative Idea

Wiggles Petfluencer Party – an integrated online-offline platform that brought celebrities, creators, and influencers together to engage in conversations about the right food and nourishment for dogs.

The Petfluencer Party was designed to include fun activities like a paw-pup bar, a pet psychic, a cuddle booth, and a stand-up act on the eccentric habits of Indian pet parents. The event was also a platform in order to showcase the brand’s new dog food lineup.


The execution of this campaign was done offline and online with an Instagram-first approach. Buzz was created by announcing a contest where dog parents had to share a reel showcasing their canines as petfluencers. Winners received invites to the party where they got to interact with other pet parents.

The particular brand collaborated with Malini Agarwal and her family pet Mylo to create teasers plus anticipation for the party. The offline party was further amplified by creators who tagged Wiggles in their stories and posts on Instagram.

Event announcement

To kick start the event a fun panel discussion around the right nutrition for dogs was hosted by Malini Agarwal and her pet Mylo with Cyrus Broacha-TV Anchor, Comedian, Podcaster, and parent to Peter plus Mary, Anushka Iyer-Founder and CEO and parent associated with Wiggles along with Dr . Sanjiv Rajadhyaksha, Medical Director, Wiggles and Tanushree Rakshit, Founder of Pro Paws Academy and animal rights activist as a panelist.




About 11. 1 Million reach was generated simply by 100+ influencers who attended the party.

Prashant Kohli, Vice President, Brand Strategy & Marketing, Wiggles said, “Wiggles has always been a community-driven brand, built around a shared vision of driving accountable pet care. We’ve always learnt from pet mother and father, animal lovers, vets, behaviorists and other experts. Each of our solutions, whether that’s a product or a brand initiative, are strongly rooted in the insights we gather from them. The Petfluencer Party was no different. We wanted to craft a niche of pet parents plus animal lovers within the creator and influencer community, and our approach was to address some of their most important pain points while having a lot of fun. It’s pets after all! The first edition focused on food and nutrition. Our upcoming activations will explore other such questions and concerns dog parents struggle with, while bringing pets & people together in a safe, exciting & novel experience, considering not many offline-online integrated platforms like this exist in the country, yet. ”

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