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Rising prices  have made it hard for Jolenne Zeitner  to care  for her family’s pets.  

The Calgary resident, who has two dogs and a cat, said food for the animals costs too much right now.  

“Dog food right now is extremely expensive, for just a little medium-sized bag we’re finding anywhere from $15-30, and that’s good for maybe a week  with how big our animals our, ” Zeitner said.  

That’s on top of expenses for cat food and her household’s groceries, which have become higher because of  inflation.

“It’s really hard to keep up with that, with the finances and everything going on right now, ” she said.

But things were a little easier this Thanksgiving.  

Zeitner stumbled upon an event held by  Calgary-based Parachutes for Pets.

That organization was giving away pet food and other supplies in the neighbourhood of Forest Lawn over the weekend.

While many charities and not-for-profits have free Thanksgiving meals or hampers for folks who need help,   Jessica Doucette, tradeshow coordinator for Parachutes for Animals, believes that  “pets are often forgotten” in those efforts.

Jessica Doucette stands in a parking lot
Jessica Doucette is the tradeshow coordinator for Parachutes for Pets. (William Hamelin/Radio Canada)

Along with dog and cat food, her organization gave away pet treats, beds and accessories on Saturday in order to community residents “so that their pet can have a Thanksgiving as well. ”

“People are quite happy to be able to have a new bed for their pet or something that they otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford because they’re buying just the necessities, ” said Doucette.

“It’s making a really big difference allowing us to be able to reach out. ” 

  Parachutes with regard to Pets’ mission is to  keep people with their furry companions through programs  like pet food banks plus hampers, vaccine and wellness clinics and grooming assistance, primarily for low-income households.

Since January 2021, they’ve  donated 13, 766 pet food hampers.  

Many of its events raise money to provide services to clients, but this one gave directly to the public, in part helped by a truck provided by Pet Valu.

“This is just absolutely lovely, ” Zeitner said, ” to be able to bring home food for [the pets]. ”

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