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This week on the Local Business Promotion Series I am delighted to be joined by Mairead Leahy (pictured below) in Tipperary Town.

Mairead has held a lifelong love for animals.

She grew up with horses and also had extensive work experience with animals throughout her schooling years.

Her passion for animals persuaded her to study Veterinary and Mairead graduated from UCD in 2012.

She spent one year working with Burren Vets in county Clare before coming home to Tipperary to work in Thurles.

Mairead purchased Arra Vets in Tipperary Town and worked out her premises in O’Brien’s Street for a number of years.

Mairead then relocated to Maurice Powers’ old premises on the site of the old Buttermarket factory in Tipperary Town.

This building is a hugely historical building and a wonderful background to the history of the building can be found on the Arra Vets website.

A lot of work went into creating a veterinary practice on the site and the newly refurbished building opened in October 2020.

Mairead’s father Michael and local contractors put in huge work to transform the building into the very modern Veterinary practice that it is today.

Arra Vets provides all types of veterinary services to small animals.

Some of the services include surgeries, grooming, hydrotherapy in the Physio Centre, acupuncture and there is also a cattery, which is a cat boarding kennel.

Cardiac and ultrasound specialists also visit the clinic from time to time when needed.

Arra Vets is the first “Fear Free” Veterinary clinic in Ireland and its aim is to take the “Pet” out of “Petrified”.

All animals are welcome to feel at home in the clinic, with floor mats, animal playground areas and treat dispensers on site.

Mairead employs Aoife Cahill as another Vet in the practice, she also employs Laura keys as a full-time Veterinary Nurse Georgia Drinan who works on the reception.

Donna Crowe works in the practises as a Groomer.

If you wish to contact Arra Vets you can find them on their social media pages on Instagram and Facebook you can also visit the website on

Alternatively you may telephone them on 062-31439.

Their opening hours are Monday to Friday from 9am to 5:30pm and from 9am to 1pm on a Saturday.

Mairead would like to thank all her loyal customers to date and she is always excited to welcome new customers in the future.

The very best wishes to Mairead and to all her family for the future of the business.

I wish her many happy and successful years ahead.

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Written by John O’Heney


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