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AN animal shelter based in Basingstoke is looking for a space to set up a community shop.

Helping Dogs and Cats UK is looking for a suitable site to set up a shop to help the animal shelter raise funds by selling items.

Currently based at Hart House on Priestly Road, the community interest company has outgrown its current home and is looking for a larger space to move into.

Founder and rescue manager Kirsty Wrightson said that she has a variety of ideas for the shop that can only be achieved on larger premises including a pet grooming room, so pet owners can have their furry friend groomed for a discounted price, and a cat and dog food bank.

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The shop will also offer  services already available at the current premises such as microchipping.

Kirsty also wants to set up a space where people can come to get advice.

She said: “At the front of the shop I want a small space where people can come and get advice if they are struggling with behaviour with their dog, if they just need a cup of tea and a chat, they don’t even have to have a dog or cat.

“We do get people who come in, walk around the shop and then just stand there, they just want to talk.

“So, I want to offer this space where we can provide the tea and coffee and they can come in and have a little chat, and no pressure is put on them. ”

When asked what size the CIC would need for its shop, Kirsty simply said “the bigger, the better”.

Kirsty asks that anyone  who knows of a suitable location for the new store to contact the community interest company simply by emailing [email protected] com .

She continued: “We’re quite open-minded.

“If it was somewhere that was really, really big and we could potentially make it into a sanctuary, or anything like that, we are very open-minded.

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“We’ve grown so much in the last few years, we need something bigger. ”

She added: “We help dogs and cats.

“It’s not just about taking [people’s] dogs and cats and rehoming them, we want to offer a service where we can help support them in their homes if they are struggling financially. ”

More about Helping Dogs and Cats UK can be found at helpingdogsandcatsuk. org/ .

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