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ATLANTA, Ga. (CBS46) – Our pets are some of our best friends and the impact they have on us is often enough to last a lifetime.

But what if one day you were no longer able to look after your furry friend?

That’s where Transitions Pet Care comes in.

The Atlanta nonprofit is helping pet owners experiencing terminal illness or major injury ensure their pets get the care they need so that they can stay with their owners until the very end.

“As a social worker, I’ve seen the impact a major illness or traumatic injuries has on somebody’s life. I really wanted to provide a service to help people in a way I feel like they weren’t getting served which is their pets, ” Founder Beverly Means said.


The organization connects with pet owners who find themselves unable to care for their pets due to their condition and provides free services such as dog walking, transportation to vet care, grooming, feeding and more.

“The dog strolling piece really gets to be challenging for someone who will be experiencing a major illness. Their stamina is poor or their energy levels or they just have ongoing pain. Those are the kind of folks we want to be able to help, ” Means explained.

“We also help with rehoming the pets so it doesn’t end up in one of our overwhelmed community shelters, ” she added.

Since its inception, the nonprofit has helped around 40 pet owners battling major illnesses or even injuries, totaling approximately 500 pet care visits in the metro Atlanta area.

“Our vision is that all pet owners who are facing the end of life are able to benefit from the peace and comfort of their pets throughout the remainder of their lives. ”

For more information about Transitions Pet Care and how you can get involved, click here .

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