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There’s a reason we call the dogs and cats we share our homes with our “furry friends. ”

These pets are typically covered in hair, and even those who don’t shed a ton leave some serious tufts of hair around the house. And while we admit we do actually enjoy vacuuming , it can feel like a full-time job during the warm summer months when your animal is shedding their winter coat.  

Its gentle bristles lift loose hair and remove tangles and knots while eradicating dander and any dirt they’ve been carrying around too. And it houses it all within an interior chamber that prevents everything from spilling out onto your freshly vacuumed floor.  

Buy It! Hertzko Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush, $15. 49 (orig. $29. 99); amazon. com

Hertzko’s brush has fine, bent-wire bristles that are able to get deep into your pet’s coat and even grooms the undercoat without aggravating their skin. Many of the thousands of rave reviews written by pet owners mention that their favorite part of the brush, however , is that after you’ve finished grooming your animal you can simply press the button to retract the bristles, allowing you to easily dump all of the hair and debris you’ve accumulated straight into the particular trash.

  It makes brushing out their coat fast, easy and mess-free. And while some brushes put strain on the wrist or make hands tired, the slicker brush includes a comfort grip with an anti-slip handle, so no matter how long grooming takes, you won’t feel it the next day.

One reviewer , who said they own several dogs, wrote they love the brush for both its hair- and dandruff-removing abilities. They explain that their own dogs “love” to be brushed and get “so excited” when they reach for the brush.  

Another reviewer , who said they’re a veterinarian, wrote that they “know way too much about different brushes and tidying implements, ” and called this one “ten times more comfortable” for their cat than the many other pet hair brushes they’ve tried in the past. The reviewer said they’re a big fan of the easy-to-clean design of the brush and the comfort it provides both themself and their pet.  

They shared that their cat “doesn’t get instantly annoyed, ” which allows them to brush longer and for the cat to have “a more positive experience. ” 

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