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Adopt, don’t shop: Here’s how to bring a pet home

Written by Anujj Trehaan

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Aug 09, 2022, 06: 40 pm 3 min read

Adopt, don't shop: Here's how to bring a pet home
Bringing a pet home? Adopt, don’t shop to save a life.

Adding another member to your family by getting a pet home is an exciting and life-changing moment. Concurrently, it’s also a very important long-term decision as it involves constant care, attention, and safety. While pet trading has become a business, there are so many reasons to discourage it. Through adoption, you aren’t just saving a life but raising hope too.

Why adopt animals

Why adopt animals

Breeding culture in India is a sad state of affairs. As per a report published by Deccan Herald , “A dog breeder in Bengaluru had kept 13 dogs chained in a locked room for months. The female ones were forcibly bred with Indie dogs and the resulting litter was sold for a quick profit. ” In Yelahanka, Bengaluru about 130-140 abandoned dogs are rescued each month.

Good karma

Reasons to adopt and not shop

Adoption saves a life. You discourage pet mills across the world, by adopting. A person save money that you may have incurred on buying a pet from a shop. Adoption improves both your and the pet’s lives. For every dog or cat that you follow from a shelter house, another one fills its place. By adopting them, you become their family and their world.

Follow love

Every pet must have a home simply by 2035

ThePetNest Foundation is a platform that encourages one to “adopt, don’t store. ” Approximately 1, 478 homeless dogs and cats die every year on roads in India. To prevent such accidents and deaths, they are on a mission to provide homes to every dog and cat by 2035. Daily, over 2, 000 people every hour use the website to search for pets to adopt.

Coming to the rescue

A growing network of pet adoption

Founded in 2019, PetNest Foundation has expanded its network by being available in more than 15 cities across India. The folks here take the pet’s adoption process quite seriously and offer 24×7 support to solve any queries a potential pet parent may have. The foundation donates a certain proportion of its income to shelter and rescue homes across the country.

Bring them home

How to adopt an animal online

Decide whether you want a dog or a cat for adoption, and search within your city. Click on a pet to view the contact details of their pet parent or rescuer on the website. Go through the adoption process with the dog parent/rescuer’s guidance. Although you need not pay any kind of fees, depending on your location you may have to pay for their travel expenses.

Treat your pet right

Services your pets should enjoy under your care

Adopting a pet isn’t the end, you must also treat them right. Several platforms offer a host of useful services. From grooming services to dog training, to pet day-care, there are a ton of services out there. You could book online vet consultations for your pawsome friends from time to time. Don’t forget to pamper your pets with toys, grooming, and lots of treats.

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