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Pet insurance covers your four-legged friend’s injuries and illnesses similarly to how health insurance covers your medical costs when you get sick or have an accident. Whether your dog or cat has a broken bone, developed sudden symptoms of illness, or has swallowed something it shouldn’t have, pet health insurance can help cover the vet bills.

We at the Guides Home Team thoroughly researched the best pet insurance providers in the country, comparing their costs, services and customer satisfaction. These are our top provider recommendations for pet parents in Kansas.

Kansas’ Top 7 Pet Insurance Companies

Based on our research, here are our top seven picks for pet insurance companies within Kansas:

Healthy Paws: Our Pick for Affordable Unlimited Coverage

Figo: Most Flexible Reimbursement Rates

Take hold of: Our Pick for Savings

Wagmo: Most Wellness Plan Options

Get: Our Pick for Therapy Coverage

Trupanion: Most Flexible Deductible

Types of Pet Insurance Plans

Generally, pet insurance providers offer at least one of the following plan types:

  • Accident-only: Your pet won’t be covered for anything illness-related, but you will be reimbursed with regard to treatments, medications, emergency care, surgeries and other vet-recommended care for accidental injuries.
  • Accident-and-illness: This plan will cost more, but in addition to accident protection, you’ll also be reimbursed regarding necessary vet care if your pet becomes ill.
  • Preventive care: Preventive care is typically in the form of an add-on. For an additional fee, you can tack preventive coverage onto your standard plan to help with the cost of annual wellness checkups, vaccinations, grooming and other routine care.  

When picking your plan, understand the levers that impact your monthly premium. The deductible, annual limit plus reimbursement rate you select will influence how much you pay. Your annual limit is the maximum amount a provider will pay toward your veterinarian claims per year. The deductible is the maximum amount you’ll pay out of pocket per year or per condition, and the reimbursement rate is the percentage of each claim the provider will pay.

A low reimbursement rate and high deductible will decrease your monthly premium, but you’ll pay more out of pocket when you file a claim. A high reimbursement rate and low deductible will decrease your out-of-pocket costs but increase your monthly rate.

How To Choose the Right Pet Insurance Provider

Determining which pet insurance company is right for you depends on a few factors, including the following:

  • Your budget: Monthly premiums can vary greatly among providers based on your pet’s breed and age, your location as well as the customizations you select. While you want to get the best coverage for your dog, you don’t want family pet insurance to become a financial burden. The point of pet insurance is to help your wallet, so be mindful of your budget and get quotes from several companies before choosing one.
  • Your pet’s needs: There’s no point in paying for coverage you don’t need or that doesn’t address your pet’s circumstances. Carefully read each provider’s coverage details plus sample policy to ensure you will be covered for what your pet truly needs based on its breed, age along with other conditions.
  • Exclusions: Not all plans are created equally. Some providers will make exceptions for preexisting conditions that haven’t shown symptoms within a certain time frame, while others won’t cover them at all. Some have an age limit, aren’t available in every state or have certain enrollment requirements. Get familiar with the fine print before signing up.

The Bottom Line

The best pet insurance in Kansas is the one that meets your pet’s needs at a price you’re comfortable with paying. Figo has multiple plan selections, and Fetch offers behavioral therapy coverage. Embrace’s discounts can save you money, but Spot has no upper age restrict.  

To figure out which provider is best for you, take a close look at each one’s sample policy, which can typically be found on their websites. Understand the insurance coverage details, exclusions and needs of each plan, plus your options for saving money through discounts, bundling and coverage adjustments.

Also, understand each company’s reputation by reading customer reviews online and checking Better Business Bureau ratings. Once you’ve narrowed down your choices, get pet insurance quotes through providers’ sites to compare pricing. Lastly, you can call the provider’s customer service number and talk to a representative if you have any remaining questions.

Compare Pet Insurance Providers inside Kansas

See how these Kansas pet insurance providers compare according to data gathered through our secret-shopping process.

*We obtained the above monthly premiums for an accident-and-illness policy for a 4-year-old, medium-sized, mixed-breed dog in Topeka, Kan. Pricing may vary depending on your pet’s age, breed of dog and location. We recommend getting quotes directly from companies for the most accurate cost information.

Methodology: Our System for Ranking the Best Pet Insurance Companies

Our review of pet insurance companies is based on in-depth industry research that includes reading hundreds of customer reviews, simulating the quote and purchasing process, speaking to representatives on the phone to assess the customer service experience and surveying 1, 000 dog and cat owners nationwide to determine the most important elements of pet insurance coverage.

We have scored every provider on a 100-point scale based on those elements. We then divided the points earned for each provider’s final score on a 5-point scale.

Here are more details about each factor and how they’re weighted:

  • Monthly pricing (25 points): How much each company charges for its pet insurance plans is an important part of a customer’s decision. The best pet insurance companies combine comprehensive coverage and plan options with affordable rates.
  • Plans (15 points): The top pet insurance companies offer accident and illness plans, accident-only plans and wellness or preventive treatment add-ons to give customers the option to choose a plan that’s best for their pet.
  • Covered treatments (15 points): With this factor, we scored companies based on the remedies and procedures they cover. Companies with a breadth of included treatments and unique coverages received more points than providers with more standard or general policies.
  • Customization options (10 points): Customizing your own policy is a valuable way to ensure you only pay for exactly what your pet needs. Providers with more annual-limit, deductible and reimbursement-rate options earned the highest scores.
  • Customer care (10 points): We scored companies on their website accessibility and overall usability, customer support availability, mobile apps (if any), money-back guarantees plus veterinarian telehealth options, awarding points to the insurers with increased customer experience offerings.
  • Industry reputation (10 points): To determine each company’s industry reputation, all of us reviewed up-to-date ratings and accreditation information from the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and scored businesses on their years of experience in the industry and their state availability.
  • Waiting periods (10 points): Companies with shorter accident, sickness and orthopedic waiting periods between the sign-up and insurance start date scored higher than companies with longer waiting periods.
  • Eligible age (5 points): Some companies don’t offer policies for pets that are over a certain age. We deducted points from suppliers that have age limits intended for covered pets.

All of us use our rating system to compare and contrast every company against key factors to help us determine the best pet insurance companies in the industry. Additionally , we keep our research up to date and revisit our own reviews on a regular basis.

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