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If you have a new four-legged friend and you want to take good care of them, while also making your life as a brand new dog owner as easy as possible, there are a few key things that you should probably own. Here’s a quick stop guide to things that every dog owner should have…

6 Things Every Dog Owner Should Have

Photo, Ayla Verschueren.

1 . A crate

If you have a new puppy to look after, then buying him his own dog crate is a good idea. Dog crates help pampered pooches to feel safe and secure in the home, so it will be much easier to get him settled in when he has his own designated safe space where he can withdraw in order to whenever things get a bit much, or if he just fancies a nap.

2 . The water fountain

Dog bowls are basic. If you want to really pamper your pooch and ensure that he gets enough hydration, then a dog water fountain is the ideal solution. Dogs prefer to drink running water, so they will be much happier with a fountain than a bowl. Choose one that filters the water for maximum pet health.

3. A dog hair dryer

If you are going to be grooming your pet at home, or even just bathing him, then having your personal dog hair dryer is a very good idea. If you do not dry your dog well enough or fast enough, then he will end up smelling like wet dog for days, whereas, if you get him quickly dried after shampooing, he will smell divine, and that is why a dog hair dryer is a great accessory to own.

6 Things Every Dog Owner Should Have

Photo, Freya Dione.

4. Pet puzzles

A bored dog is more likely to get stressed out. A bored dog is more likely to chew your shoes or rip apart the couch. Prevent pet boredom by investing in one of the many dog puzzle toys you can purchase, which force them to use their brains to gain a tasty reward.

This will help to keep him busy when you’re out or otherwise engaged and cannot keep them company, plus there are so many to choose from that, when your pet has mastered one, you can always present him with a new challenge.

5. Lint rollers

If you have a dog, then you are going to want to stock up on lint rollers so you can keep your clothing and furniture hair free without the hassle of having to get the vacuum out every five minutes, and so that your dog doesn’t have to worry about where he goes and what he does around the house, He will want to jump up and give you pooch smooches after all.

6. Grooming wipes

Dog grooming wipes are great for spot-cleaning your dog after he has completed his business or gotten a bit muddy or drooled over a nice bone, meaning you do not end up bathing your pet too often – something that can be bad for a dog’s skin.

If you very own all of these dog-friendly accessories, you can be sure that your dog will feel as happy, healthy, and secure as possible with you, and that your life as a dog owner will be a lot more enjoyable too.

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