50 Times People Took Their Dogs To The Groomers And Had To Look Twice When They Got Back (New Pics) – Bored Panda


We also asked Jess about the importance of proper grooming, and she explained that, “Grooming is important for the health and well-being of your dog. Groomers can catch things like skin growths, overgrown nails, dental issues, skin infections, ticks/fleas and matting before they become larger problems that require a vet. Dander and oils build up on your dog’s skin and coat. Getting your dog groomed or even just bathed professionally monthly is best.”

Given how luxurious Jess’ treatments are, we asked her if dogs love getting pampered as much as we do. “Yes totally! I know my dogs feel better after they get a bath. They prance around and I know they feel happier and more comfortable in their skin.”

Lastly, Jess just wanted to add to be cautious with our pups in the heat. She keeps “seeing [dogs] at flea markets and farmers markets: during the hot summer months”. “Please don’t walk your dog on hot asphalt. As a groomer, I see hurt pads from heat, and since dogs are much lower to the ground, they can overheat.”

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