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The number of pet owners in the United States has steadily increased over the years. In 1988, only about 56 percent of US households had pets. By 2022, that figure has risen to 70 percent of American households—which means about 90.5 million families own at least one animal companion. It’s predicted that these figures will continue to rise in the coming years, and so will the amount of money spent on pets and pet products.

As a response to this trend, plenty of businesses that cater to pets and pet owners have started springing up in the past few years. It’s a good time to invest in the pet industry, after all. However, some business owners are keen on not only riding the trend, but also setting up a business that’s sure to stay profitable in the long run. They want the kind of establishment that can respond to the changing times and still be able to offer the most basic products and services that all pet parents are looking for.

If you share the same sentiment, then it would be best for you to invest in these timeless pet-related businesses:

Supplies, Food, and Treats

As long as there are pets, there will always be pet owners who will want to purchase supplies and accessories for them. Whenever a household adopts a new dog or cat, they must purchase a new set of supplies for the new member of the family.

You can respond to this demand by offering a long list of products that new pets and pet parents need: dog beds, custom food and water bowls, pet leashes and harnesses, and wholesale dog toys, to name a few.

It’s also a good idea to stock up on pet food and other perishable supplies for pets. These are some of the most common products that pet parents run out of now and then. They’re sure to appreciate it if they can find a store that sells their pet’s preferred brand of food even at an inconvenient hour.

Grooming Services

Pets have very limited means of communicating their feelings and health conditions to their owners. Most of the time, pet owners rely on their pet’s appearance to determine if their companion animal is in good condition. If a dog or cat looks good overall, then it’s taken as a sign of good health. If the pet looks uncomfortable, then this could be interpreted as a sign of poor health. If the pet looks unkempt, it can stress out the animal and contribute to its sickly condition.

Grooming services providers do not just help pets look their best; they also help maintain the health and well-being of companion animals. For one, taking a pet to the groomers regularly can prevent their fur from matting. It can also alert owners to any early signs of parasite infestations that their fur babies may be suffering from. Because of the health benefits provided by regular grooming, groomers can expect their services to remain in high demand for a long time.

Veterinary Care

Companion animals can get sick or injured at any time. Just like people, they require medical attention to address their physical issues and ensure that they can enjoy a good quality of life.

That said, veterinarians play an important role in keeping pets healthy and happy. Indeed, pet parents will continue to require their services whenever their pets are sick, injured, or even if they’re simply unsure about the animal’s condition. So, for as long as people care about animal welfare and depend on animals for companionship, they will seek the services of veterinarians.

Boarding, Sitting, and Daycare

Unfortunately, there are certain places or events where it’s inappropriate or inconvenient to bring companion animals along. Some offices and workplaces, for example, may not allow pets in their facilities for health and hygiene reasons.

In these sorts of situations, pet sitting services providers, dog hotels, pet sitters, and dog daycare centers can be quite helpful. Truly, pet sitters and pet boarding businesses give busy owners some much-needed peace of mind while they’re away from their fur babies.

To say that pets improve the quality of life of their parents would be an understatement. Because of the love and joy that these animal companions can bring into their owners’ lives, it’s of little wonder why pet parents spoil their fur babies so much.

Indeed, pet parents are always keen on providing their beloved pets with good food, excellent healthcare, shelter, and other products and services that will enable these companion animals to live long, healthy, and happy lives. And to do all these, pet parents need businesses that specialize in the pet industry.

By delivering excellent products and services, pet shops, pet groomers, veterinary clinics, and dog hotels, among other pet-related establishments, are making a positive impact on the lives of both pets and their owners.

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