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Mobile franchise opportunities are a great way to build your business without being tied down to one location and paying rental fees. Many types of businesses enable you to operate your company on the go by providing services where your customers at. We’ll look at some of the best mobile franchises out there and how to get started with franchising.

What is a Mobile Franchise?

A mobile franchise operates much in the same as a regular franchise business model, with one key difference – staff is provided vehicles so they can provide services to customers directly. Instead of customers coming to a traditional brick-and-mortar store, you and your employees go to different locations where customers are to provide services and products.

The Mobile Business Industry in 2022

Mobile business opportunities have become increasingly popular within the franchise industry. For entrepreneurs looking for a successful business model, becoming franchise owners for a mobile business is an easy way to break into the industry.

Why You Should Consider a Mobile Franchise for Your Own Business

There are many mobile franchises that you can consider and different industries you could pursue opportunities in. Some of the reasons to consider a mobile business include the following:

  1. Customer demand: Customers are looking for easy ways to access a service or product, and a mobile company enables you to go to them instead of coming to you.
  2. Be your own boss: A mobile franchise lets you work on your terms while building your business and taking control of your financial freedom.
  3. Easier for marketing: Taking on an established business means that you are bringing something that already has a brand reputation to the community. It’s easier to build trust and attract customers when you invest in a franchise.

Top Mobile Franchises

If you are interested in becoming your own boss, there are many franchises available across different sectors that you could explore.

We’ll look at some of the best mobile franchises, like the home services industry, pet grooming, home maintenance, and repair, among others.

1 . Jan-Pro

If you’re looking for franchise options with low overhead and potential for growth, Jan-Pro should be an option. The mobile franchise offers reliable commercial cleaning services while letting you be your own boss. You can request free info from the Jan-Pro team to get started.

2 . Aussie Pet Mobile

Pet grooming is a growing industry, and there is a lot of success in going with an established brand to provide the service. The Aussie Pet Mobile franchise is perfect for pet owners and non-pet owners alike that are looking to start their own pet care businesses and bring their services directly to customers.

3. Lawn Doctor

Franchises like Yard Doctor are great if you’re looking for unparalleled support as you start your own business with easy, scalable service. Lawn Doctor is one of the top lawn care franchises searching for franchisees in a new location. To get started, you’ll start with an information request and learn more about how Lawn Doctor provides recurring income options.

4. Anago Cleaning Systems

Office buildings are always looking for commercial cleaning options, and with an option like Anago Cleaning Systems, the particular search is over. With a financial investment into building the franchise, it enables you to operate a mobile cleaning company in an exclusive territory with a master franchise or an unit franchise. The initial costs for a master franchise are estimated to be 219K – $339K.

5. Mr. Appliance

Rather than owning your own store plus waiting for customers to come to you for appliance repair, why not go for them? Mr. Appliance is a mobile appliance repair franchise that allows you to be home-based and go to clients while making money.

Mr. Appliance provides the resources needed to ensure success for the franchise. Get started by downloading their business guide today to learn more about the brand and the opportunity.

6. Churromania Food Truck

Cellular franchises can also extend to food trucks, and there are so many businesses out there that are worth pursuing. For example , Churromania is a popular food truck that has growing customer demand thanks to its tasty churros and treats. The total investment includes the initial franchise fee of $135, 000 to $335, 000, plus 8% of gross sales without tax.

7. Screenmobile

With so many homeowners looking for reliable maintenance options, mobile franchises like Screenmobile have seen increased growth in potential customers. Screenmobile is popular in the screen repair industry since they go to customers, and franchisees have the potential to really make the business their own. The company has the potential for solid revenue, and Screenmobile is currently accepting inquiries with regard to potential franchise owners.

8. Painter Bros

Another option for a cellular franchise is Painter Bros , which offers internal and external painting services as well as a remodeling service. It’s a low cost mobile franchise to get started inside the homecare industry and allows franchise owners the freedom to run a successful business with built-in marketing. You can request free info from the website to talk to a franchise expert, and the initial investment ranges between $77. 3k-$254. 7K.

9. Oxi Fresh

Another mobile franchise with low overhead is Oxi Fresh , one of the top carpet-cleaning franchises. Mobile carpet cleaning could be a great fit if you’re looking to offer a niche within cleaning services regarding companies and gain more customers. The market for carpet cleaning is growing, so it’s really worth looking at. The business’s minimum cash required to add varies between $30, 000 in order to $100, 000.

10. Snapology

If you’re looking for mobile franchise opportunities that offer something a little different, consider Snapology. It is a children’s enrichment program that provides a range of services including STEM programs for birthday parties, pre-school classes, and more, to offer kids a rich learning experience.

You and your employees can play a significant role in building interest in STEM and education through franchises like Snapology, and it makes a positive addition to the community. You can request free info from the website to learn more concerning the company and the cash needed to start your franchise.

11. The Ground Guys

If you’re seeking home improvement franchises, the Ground Guys could be the right match. Start your own franchise company for lawn care and landscaping for residential plus commercial real estate with the Ground Guys, and you could be on a path to financial success. Franchising is available through the Neighborly group to expand into a new location.

12. Send Me A Trainer

Fitness is another developing trend, and many new cellular franchise opportunities are emerging. Send Me A Trainer is one of the best options for a home-based franchise focused on providing on-demand fitness services.

There is tons of free information available on the website to help get you started, including its success in marketing and customer base so that you can feel more confident in the opportunity.

13. Cartridge on Wheels

An additional emerging option within mobile franchise opportunities is companies like Container On Wheels .

Cartridge on Wheels provides on demand ink and toner to customers and companies. Ink and toner are always staples that offices require, and franchises like Cartridge on Wheels make them more accessible. If you’re interested in owning a franchise, ask for free info from Cartridge on Wheels to learn more about the financial investment needed.

How to Choose the Best Franchise to Set Up Your Cellular Business

There are many business opportunities available when it comes to cellular franchises, and selecting the right one can be challenging. Here are some considerations to evaluate when selecting business opportunities.

  1. The amount of information available: Franchises should be able to easily provide information regarding financials, success in a location, cash needed, and what kind of support they will offer. Request free info wherever possible to learn more about the franchise.
  2. Demand: Consider what your area lacks and what kind of franchise would work best. Is there a service or product missing, or are other companies in the market not quite keeping up in demand? What will your franchise add?
  3. Research: Ask customers what they’re looking for, what kind of price points they are currently paying and what’s lacking. The more you can identify gaps in the current space, the easier it’ll be to narrow down franchise opportunities.
  4. Capital required: Franchises differ on how much liquid capital or the amount of cash is necessary to start a franchise. In addition , ask about overhead, costs, royalty fees, and other charges that could affect your ability to invest fully.

How Much Does It Cost to Open a Mobile Franchise?

The start-up costs for any mobile franchise will vary based on the opportunity. However , you can expect to pay anywhere from $30, 000 upwards for the franchise fees. Getting the necessary equipment and setup can cost up to $100, 500 and above. Each business has its own investment calculated, so ask for that when you request free info about the particular brand.

Are Mobile Businesses Profitable?

Mobile businesses have proven to be immensely popular, and demand is growing. As a result, many business owners are eschewing opening the brick-and-mortar store and are instead opting for a mobile company, so they quickly go exactly where their customers are.

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