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Did you know that in Japan, a rise in pet cafes is helping the country’s population deal with loneliness and anxiety amid glaring economic and social crises?  

Closer home, we’re seeing a slow but steady climb in the same trend — in fact , it is known that pet-friendly cafes help induce relaxation, boost emotional health, and are a safe haven for many animals that would otherwise be homeless or abandoned.  

Particularly, the city of Bengaluru is seeing an increasing rise in the number of pet-friendly cafes. These are perfect if you’re heading out after a hectic day — whether with human friends or furry ones.  

Here’s a look at 10 of the best pet-friendly cafes to go to in the city:  

1 . Green Theory

Green Theory
Green Theory

As the name suggests, this quaint little cafe in Bengaluru is green when it comes to both the food they serve as well as the atmosphere.  

The cafe has a spacious outdoor dining area to spend time with your pets while gorging on delicious vegetarian plus vegan foods from across the world. You can also feed your furry friend, as they offer a specially curated menu for pets.

Location: Residency Road and Indiranagar

Open timings: 11. 45 am – 10. 30 pm

2 . The particular Reservoire

The Reservoire
The Reservoire

A stylish rooftop restaurant-cum-bar, the Reservoire wows everyone with its stunning interiors that make for an interesting yet comfortable dining experience.  

With long community tables, high ceilings, exposed brick walls and large glass windows with a beautiful view of the city’s skyline, it has a rustic charm of its own.

The open and spacious seating at the terrace of the restaurant also makes for a perfect spot for your pets. One of the largest cocktail bars in the city, the reservoire offers over 200 varieties of cocktails and extends a range of food options for pets as well.  

Location: Koramangala

Open timings: 11 is – 1 am

3. Mighty Paws Café

Mighty Paws Cafe
Mighty Paws Cafe

This beautiful cafe set in a charming and rustic house with large green windows has a cosy and calm ambience. It offers a range of delicious freshly made continental food at considerably reasonable rates. As the name suggests, the restaurant welcomes pet friends too, and is themed around wildlife and adventure.

Location: Kasavanahalli

Open timings: ten: 30 am to 10: 30 pm

4. Therpup: The Dog Café


A favourite among dog owners in the city, Therpup is a dog-themed coffee shop that focuses on wellness and offers entertainment for your fur buddy.  

This cosy and cute coffeehouse offers several services for dogs like grooming, training, daycare, swimming, and so on. There is both indoor as well as outside seating at the cafe that will extends yummy food with regard to both humans and dogs. The menu for animals also includes items along with eggs and chicken.

If you don’t have a pet and would love to spend some ‘pawsome’ time cuddling with the animals, this cafe is the place for you — they also have resident dogs!

Location: Nagondanahalli

Open timings: 11. 30 feel – 9 pm

5. The Pet People Café

The Pet People Cafe
The Pet People Cafe

The Pet People cafe is spacious with big windows that let in ample light, creating a cheery atmosphere that will suit both you and your pet. The grooming stations, play areas, and dining space offer an ideal experience for visitors.

This New York-inspired cafe has a menu with a variety of plant-based, cruelty-free and vegan options.  

You can relish their all-day breakfast or try their vegan-friendly baked goodies. They also offer food for your pets and ensure a wholesome dining experience.

Location: HSR Layout

Open timings: 9 is – 10 pm

6. Urban Solace: Café For The Soul

Urban Solace
Urban Solace

With open seating, live music and a pet-friendly space, this cafe has everything you and your pet need for a delightful experience. One of the first cafes within the city to open its door to pets, Urban Solace serves a range of mouth-watering delicacies at very reasonable rates.  

It is recommended to try their weekend breakfast and take your pet along.

Location: Ulsoor

Open up timings: 11 am – 11 pm

7. The Teal Door Café

Teal Door Cafe
Teal Door Restaurant

Among the major highlights of the Teal Door cafe are its atmosphere and pet-friendly policies.  

The restaurant is noted for its aesthetics, as well as a peaceful and cosy environment. The big glass windows, colourful furniture, and beautiful lights make this the perfect Instagram-worthy spot. Moreover, their menu offers a wide range of delicacies leaving you spoilt for choices.

Location: Indiranagar

Open timings: 9 am – 10 pm

8. Zoey’s: Good Vibes Only

Zoey's: Good Vibes Only
Zoey’s: Good Vibes Only

Away from the hustle and bustle of the town, Zoey’s is a rustic plus chic cafe where you can take your pets for a calm and relaxing time. The greenery surrounding the cafe and the simple yet elegant decor make it even more comforting. The particular cafe also offers board games.

Zoey’s is known for its Italian dishes and offers a wide range of delicious desserts. It also includes a separate menu for domestic pets.

Area: Sarjapur Road

Open timings: 11. 30 am – 9 pm

9. Yellow Submarine

Yellow Submarine
Yellow Submarine

The Yellow Submarine provides live sports screening and music, as well as the opportunity to spend time with your pet. The nautical-themed restaurant has a yellow submarine bar counter, an octopus garden, and a water cascade.

The particular restaurant serves delicacies regarding both you and your pets, who can also mingle with the canines belonging to the cafe owners.  

Place: Panduranga Nagar

Open timings: 12 pm – 12. 30 is

10. Yogisthaan


A cafe promoting clean eating and living, Yogisthaan makes an ideal spot for those who are health conscious, as well as those who want to relax plus reflect.  

The vegetarian coffee shop is pet-friendly and has a vast menu that has some of the best desi delicacies including unique beverages such as organic and medicinal teas. Other than desi food options, they also serve yummy fast foods.

They also have a pet-friendly menus and enough space for the furry friends to move around and have fun. It is a perfect location for those seeking a peaceful break amidst the daily hassle.

Location: Indiranagar

Open timings: 8 is – 9. 30 pm

Edited by Divya Sethu

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