Vote 2017 SC Personalities

Vote for 2016-17 South Central Personalities

It is that time of year again! Time to vote your favorite Persons, Shows and Catalogs.
Submit your entries by July 7th.

CATALOG OF THE YEAR: You probably still have the catalogs from the SC shows that you attended this past season. Look at them and just pick the one that stands out to you for organization, design or any reason you like.

SHOW OF THE YEAR: one of our shows holds memories for us. Choose one that made you feel good. One that made you glad to be there.

CLERK OF THE YEAR: Judges and master clerks, this category is only for you. Surely there is a clerk that stands out in your mind this past year as having done an exceptional job for you.

HUMANITARIAN OF THE YEAR: There are so many people in this region who go out of their way to make sure that no cat or person is in need. These are the angels in our midst. Let's honor one of these people.

SPORTSMANSHIP AWARD OF THE YEAR: All of us know someone who is just always a good sport. Someone who always helps out, never complains, and who always has an upbeat attitude; someone who is the epitome of what this hobby is all about.

MEMBER OF THE YEAR: We have many people in our region who have worked long and hard to make our region run smoothly and efficiently. That is why we have the best region! Vote for one of those people!

NEWCOMER OF THE YEAR: New faces show up in the SC region every season. They join TICA, maybe join a club, and show a desire to become an active member of the Region. Who was that new face you saw this past season?

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