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Welcome to the TICA South Central Junior Exhibitors page! Do you know a
youth ready to have fun showing their purebred or household pet cat?  The
junior program is a warm and welcoming way for him/her to become familiar
with cat show exhibition and its many facets. TICA’s motto “Fabulous
felines…fun…friendships” is a very telling description that applies
to the cores and goals of the junior program.

There are three junior levels and three senior levels for exhibitors ages
eight to seventeen to accomplish and advance in. Younger children are welcome
to be evaluated and admitted into the program at the discretion of the regional
program leader. Everything from general feline care, preparing their cat/kitten
for showing, participation in various aspects of producing a cat show, as
well as many other things are covered throughout the six levels.

Confidence is gained as the junior exhibitors achieve new goals and knowledge.
Parents or guardians and mentors assist in the progress of this program.
Mentors are experienced cat show exhibitors and/or cat breeders who guide
the junior in a fun, positive, and goal oriented manner.

Friendships are formed between the juniors as they work towards the accomplishment
of similar goals. Good sportsmanship is nurtured and encouraged when special
junior exhibitor rings are presented at participating shows.

Please feel free to contact the South Central program leader Lanna Edmonds
at if
you would like to join, would like to request additional information, or
could volunteer your time towards the success of this wonderful youth program.

Juniors honored at the 2015 SC Region Awards Banquet

Higest Score thru 5th

  • Reeve Dolan       Reeve Dolan
  • Ashlan Nell  
  • Emma Albright  
  • Megan Jones       Megan Jones
  • Joey Nell  

6th Highest Score thru 9th

  • Christie Paul             Christie Paul
  • Halle Jones  
  • Harlond Edmonds      Harlond Edmonds
  • Lynda-Kay Edmonds  



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