2018 Sponsor Info

2018 Awards Sponsor Page:

You may select multiple awards. The sponsorship listed will apply to all selected awards. The page will auto-total your selections. Please write down the total, then you can pay by the PayPal link at the bottom of every page after you click the “Submit” button ONCE. Please only click once on the button. Multiple clicks will cause multiple entries!

Checks or money orders  and PayPal (click on any PayPal link on our site) are accepted for payment.

IMPORTANT: Cats already sponsored are greyed out. However, at the present time, we have to manually update the site. All sponsorships normally will be updated within 2 to 4 hours.

While you are sponsoring your favorite cats, please be sure to drop down and sponsor a Junior! Let’s get ALL our Juniors sponsored! (Only a number shows, that refers to how many Juniors still need a sponsor. As you recall, we do not list names as honoring all our Juniors is something we need to do.)

You can state how you would like each Sponsorship to read. That small box will hold a whole lot of info! List each award you are sponsoring, and add one line of text, maximum 40 characters per award. Please use a new line for each item.

Sponsor Pricing:
Best Kitten, Cat, Alter, HHP Kitten & HHP – $50 each
Top 2-25 – $30
Lifetime Achievement – $45
Junior Exhibitor – $35
BOB – $10
BOB for all three cat, kitten and alter is $30

Special South Central Benefactor Opportunity
4 levels, Blue $25, Silver $50, Gold $75 and Platinum $100

2018 Vote for SC Personalities Page:

Time to vote your favorite Persons, Shows and Catalogs.
Need to have your vote by July 7th!

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