Spring Board Meeting – notes


Business meeting-Thursday, May 18, 2017


Fate Mays presented TICA SWOT items and each RD presented SWOT items from their respective regions.

Friday, May 19, 2017

Brainstorming session about all items presented.

The following list was created:


Ticketing system

EO security

Become more mobile friendly

Define/collect “content” to be translated

Translate content

Finish and translate “Why TICA”

Translation plan

Translate new exhibitor guide

5 year IT plan

Paperless EO

Increase social media presence

Rules review

Committee rejuvenation


Each task/goal was assigned a working group.  There will be a follow up report at the 2017 Annual.




OPEN SESSION-Saturday, May 20, 2017


Jan 19-21, 2018 Board Meeting Electronic


Discussion on having a meeting in Harlingen in the future.

May 2018 Meeting Location – Lisa will research.


Amend By-Laws 16.2, Appointed Officials – RETRACT

*This shouldn’t be in a By-Law. Should go to Standing Rules.
*Fate will withdraw for the changing/editing. LET RULES KNOW.


Add Reg Rule 36..3.1.3 Non-Domestic FAILS

*Gives judges the right to say no to signing off.

*Ellen thinks judge education is enough.


Amend Show Rule Show Calendar – STADTER’s PROPOSAL PASSES

*Comment back to Rules regarding the comment that TICA doesn’t have an official calendar. We do in Show Rules (


Amend Standing Rules 109.1.1 Annual Rotation  PASSES

  • Ralph wants to amend to push back another year to give Europe North in 2021. MA will remain 2020 & Change ES to 2026. Approved this change.
  • Alex believes we are blocking too many winners (HHP, HHPK)
  • Ellen says it is not cost effective for both TICA and the US Exhibitors.


Amend Standing Rules Annual Rotation – TAKE NO ACTION


Add Standing Rules 601.2.24 Members only RW, IW, LA – WITHDRAWN


Amend Judging Program 42.3 Amend RW Requirement) – TAKE NO ACTION

*Ellen feels this will hurt folks in isolated areas.
*Going back to Jenny for further consideration (maybe a % instead of points)

*Ralph will work with Jenny on this.




TICA Registered cat will be their spokescat

Cloning (Dolly the sheep)

Cloned puppy $50K
Cloned kitten $25K (full litter would be yours)

8 Species are commercially cloned around the world

 All produced in the US

 Cat, Dog, cattle, sheep, etc

Cartoon Video on their website

Identical Twin separated in time

Benefits for endangered species

Dolly was so unhealthy because she was confined and overfed so badly.

Money back guarantee if they fail to produce a vet tested, healthy kitten

Living cells are needed. Cryopreservation possible if you even think you might want to do this.  $1600              



Lisa will work towards policies (this is the handbook, but we need some formal policies). Policy booklet is needed still.


IT Report – Lucy Robinson

  • Ticketing system (better than emails)
  • 450 breeder listings
  • Election requests
  • TICA.org tasks
    • Fix FAQ section
    • Review all breeder listings
    • Updated text on all breed pages (streamline words)
    • Updates text in menus
      • Find a kitten, cat breeders, TICA Top Cats
    • Response to requests (Marketing, EO, new standards, etc..)
  • Updated logiforms
    • Photo submission
    • Separate classifieds
  • Reduction in menu size
  • EO in charge of standings
  • Became familiar with Joomla/Advertising (taken over from Lesely Jones)
  • Forms
    • Updates, text & translation
    • Started to move to new ISP
  • TDS Online
    • Password security
    • Site efficiency
    • Automation
    • Less down time
    • Added more languages
    • Email owner of sire/dam
    • Print registration paperwork on all cats
    • Order pedigree from online registration document
  • TDS Online Future Features
    • Create mobile web presence
    • Improved litter registration pipeline
    • Allow ordering of anything online
    • Register cats to third party
    • Invoice members online
    • Allow edits of blue slips by breeder
    • HHP registration online


Anthony’s Presentation

 PIJAC (Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council)




  • Breed Committee Appointments. RD’s should encourage folks to run for breed committee so we won’t have to appoint.
  • TICA Calendar would be on tica.org (see Project Charter Working Definitions Document) Page 29 of meeting agenda. $4000              
  • Board Governance – TABLED
  • Educational Show Format (Hutcherson)
    • Shows would receive a rebate of ring license fees, not be involved/charged for Annual scoring fees, Limit to one education show per year, per region. Rings are scored, but not charged.
    • Provides members the opportunity to receive education on feline husbandry.
    • Lower financial risk for clubs.
    • Put on follow-up report for feedback based on Anthony’s upcoming show.
  • Summer Discount Incentives (Vlach)
    • June 1-Aug 31, 2017
    • EO will track how many new cats and catteries register.
  • Junior Liaison Revamp (Patton)


    • 1. Optional adding traditional entries. Ie. If it was in the catalog for Congress, but not show otherwise. They could decide to add to the full show.
    • 3. Email notification of sire notification – DONE
    • 9. IT report monthly, not happening now, but Lucy was notified
    • 22. BW title – IN PROGRESS (Rules)
    • 23. Breed Advancement forms – to Lucy
    • 24. Responsible Breeder Program Reinstatement. More info added. Laurie is working on it.  Application is significantly improved. Certificate is issued for a specific location (address of home) to avoid satellite breeders using this. Change code of ethics….”Outstanding Cattery Code of Ethical Agreement”. Submit to Rules and finalize for Annual. Continuous for those that were previously awarded an outstanding cattery (Retroactive). $40 combined fee.
    • Veterinary Committee (Harrison). Proposal of ideas from the beginning works of the committee.  Vikki Moran
    • 27 RULES COMMITTEE standing rule 1012.1
    • Ticket System go live ASAP.
    • 29. Establish new region in South Pacific. PUSH TO May 2018
      Consider making China in its own International Division.

      • Realignment Committee Needed to prepare for January 2018 meeting. Fate appoints a committee of Lisa, Bobbie, Ellen and Gloria.
      • Those with realignment concerns (Amanda and Mari Wright). Feedback send to them.
      • Report given at the Annual.
    •  32. Update of TICA treasure & hall of fame plaques – DONE
    • 33. Susan wants a privacy agreement for terms of service for all users (similar to what is done in Europe).
    • Credit info from EO. – UPDATED LIST NEEDED
      • Can we ask them to donate?
    • Leave Policy Needed – Fate will work on it
    • 40. DONE


Open Session-Sunday, May 21, 2017



Can’t accept as a transfer breed as it doesn’t meet our requirements for acceptance into 2 WCC association.

To go forward, they can apply for experimental breed or get accepted in another WCC and then apply.


HIGHLANDER – Appoint Mary Hudec as working chair (UNANIMOUS CONSENT)


SHOW SCHEDULING to go on TICA.org (money to be paid by regions). Implementation within 10 weeks. $4000 total cost. EW, ES, EN & any others will cover at least ½ fee. PASSES



Anthony’s Presentation on MARS

2.2-3.1% SBT Bengals have this percentage of asian leopard cat


CFA has Neogen’s GeneSeek Lab program for CFA members.

Responsible breeders are defined as those screening for health problems.


MARS veterinary has a program called optimal selection

 Panel testing allows for many conceurrent assays without compromise in time or quality of results for breeders.

Tests for:

  • 15 traits
  • blood type
  • 32 disease variants
  • International cat results database and breeder portal
  • Capable of recognizing individual cats (profiling)


MARS stores data

 Opt In/Out of individual cat results being publicly posted


  • $~80K provided to TICA to become the first comprehensive US genetic health survey of pedigreed cats
  • First 100 cats get tested free ($99 otherwise)
  • Remaining 900 receive 30% off testing services and Optimal Selection account.
  • For each completed survey, Mars Veterinary will donate $5 to feline research.


State of the cat (how healthy is the breed population) in the US?  This would be released.

Data generated provides basis for health testing recommendations for pedigree and and non-pedigreed cats in the US and may qualify for peer-reviewed publication.

Breeders may use their cat’s results to inform future breeding choices

Up to $5K donated to feline research

Based on TICA recommendations, OFA is willing to generate an online, public database for cat health screening results and recommendations, similar to Canine Health Information Center.


Create incentives to encourage

  • Subsidize result storage for TICA titled cats
  • Lower cost title confirmation for genetically screened cats
  • Indicate genetic testing on registration certificate reprint
  • Provide “people titles” for breeders screening cats who have produced TICA registered litters.


Genomic and Bioinformatic Age

  • Inbreeding coefficients become more and more obsolete as unknown genetic heritage is replaced by empirically verifiable genomes
  • Annotation of the feline genome continues to increase
  • Brachycephaly, agouti signaling proteins and new tabby patterns are being published.


Reorganize TIFF to make genetic test result storage a mission?

Reward members for taking part in improving feline health, increasing






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