Minute notes from Jan. 2017 Winter meeting

Wednesday, January 25

Board voted to provide financial support for those attending Meet and Compete


Mark Coleman and Marie France Dendauw moved to Judge Emeritus Bonnie Wilson to LH/SH trainee Angela Sherzer to Probationary Specialty Rick Hoskinson to Provisional AB Delsa Rudge to Provisional AB Erwin Van den Bunder to Provisional AB All judges were relicensed at their current level-those owing tests and/or fees will be relicensed when those requirements are met.

All other business conducted was about personnel issues and complaints. That information will be available through the official minutes when they are posted.


Thursday, January 26

Update on 2017 Annual in Corpus Christi, TX Financial reports Audit report Approved revised budget Review of BOD expenses to be paid for by TICA


Proposal considered:

Approved change in Judging Program 412.7 and 412.8 Approved amendment to Judging Program Approved amendment to Judging Program No action taken on amending Judging Program JA duties (communication) No action taken on proposal to amend Judging Program  42.2.5 ring clerking requirements Approved-amend Judging Program requirements 42.2.6-entry clerking requirements-see below:

42.2.6 Provide documentation of having successfully entry clerked twice Amend Standing Rule withdrawn-to be discussed to the Spring Meeting 2017 Marketing report was presented Viagen presentation No action taken on Amend Show Rules 23.6.1 and add 210.6.1 Approved -Amend Show Rule No action-delete Show Rule 23.6.5 Denied-Amend By-Law 114.3.1 write-ins Denied-Amend By-law 114.3.2 voting process Presentation by the China Cat Care Association-agreement for mutual acceptance of pedigrees IT report Report on ENFI agreement Proposal for re-vamping TICA-U Review of follow up items



Poljun-not accepted for registration only Toybob-accepted for registration only, Alex Marinets will be the working breed chair. Donna Madison will be the Board liaison. There was much discussion about the similarities this breed has with some of our established breeds.

LH Bengals were accepted for CH as of May 1, 2017 Approved changes to the Highlander standard No action taken on appointing someone to the AC breed committee Sandra Scarrow appointed as the Tennessee Rex working breed chair Liz Hanson will be the Board liaison for the Rules Committee

Vicki Jo Harrison, Regional Director

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