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MEOWTICA Show in Ireland

  • DATE: 04/19/16
  • TO: Board of Directors
  • REQUESTED BY: Phil Cornwell
  • BALLOT: Effective immediately adopt Standing Rule: Any attempt to influence or manipulate an advantage to a cat included in a show, will result in the disqualification of the cat for that show season.
    • YES: Cornwell
    • NO: Adler, Bourreau, Chisolm, Crockett, Faccioli, Klamm, Madison, Mahan, Mays, Patton, Stadter, Tullo, Vasquez
    • MV: While I sympathize with Phil, IMO rushing to enact any rule without fully developing it is not the solution. There are things that need to be taken into consideration before passing an effective rule. Any proposed rule should first be discussed at length by the BOD. After we are in agreement, it should then go thru rules to ensure it is properly written, given placement in our rules, and see if it will have an effect on any current rule. Unfortunately, trying to enact a rule regarding ‘unethical behavior’ is a slippery slope that is near impossible to enforce. Everyone has their own idea of what ‘unethical behavior’ is. How do we determine a universal standard on what is considered ‘unethical behavior’? As this rule is written, who will decide (and under what criteria) when a club/person has allowed behavior deemed to ‘manipulate an advantage to a cat’ that disqualifies points? Will RD’s now have to monitor clubs in their region to see who offers ‘discounts’ outside normal entry fees? Do we check these discounted entries against current standings? Some clubs work with rescues. Will this rule effect how they can work together to advertise/support a show? Would giving them any type of discount now be considered an attempt to ‘manipulate’? Also, what if a person pays for a friend’s entry (i.e. check, paypal, credit card) and reimbursed? Looking at the club’s financials, this can technically be seen as paying for someone’s entry.

110.2.2 Except as otherwise provided in these By-Laws, adoption of any proposal by mail ballot shall require an affirmative vote of a majority of all Board Members holding office after all Board Members have been balloted for the shorter of a period of 10 days or 3 days after a majority vote has been attained and the remaining uncast ballots would not affect the outcome of the voting.

RESULT: Ballot Denied



2017 Annual

  • DATE: 02/24/16
  • TO: Board of Directors
  • REQUESTED BY: Wendy Klamm
  • BALLOT: Approve change of 2017 Annual, by Big Tex Cat Club, from Houston, Texas to Corpus Christi, Texas.
    • This ballot passed unanimously.
    • MV: Under normal circumstances, I do not like seeing board ballots for non-emergency issues. However, I do believe this is something that needs addressed ASAP. Putting on an Annual is a very expensive, time consuming, and exhausting, endeavor. I understand the urgency in trying to secure another venue right away for a successful show both for TICA, and the club.

RESULT: Ballot Carried

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