Wendy’s Notes 2015 Annual

Consent Agenda

Future Meetings EO

2016 January-Harlingen Jan 22-24, 2016

2016 Electronic-MayMay 20-22, 2016

2017 January-Portland BarrettPresentation postponed until Friday AM


Update on 2016Contract confirmed. Huge hall with lots of room. Everything will be updated once Alex gets home from Salzburg. Packets are being put together for exhibitors, including where to go, what to see, where to eat. Showhall and hotel are all-in-one.


Year End Financial ReviewVickie joined the meeting via Skype and reviewed the financial reports. TICA continues to do well on litter/individual/cattery registrations. Came in over budget. Our bottom line looks very good.

Marketing Report FulkersonReport presented. Will be scanned and posted on the SC website upon my return from the board meeting.


Registration Rules (Requires Membership Approval)

Amend Registration Rules RR 33.2.1, 33.2.2, 33.9.1, 39.4 Structural Mutations

Discussion was held. Motion to take no action made by Stadter, seconded by Klamm. Passed


Show Rules (Requires Membership Approval)

Top 15 FinalsDiscussion held. Voting deferred to Winter meeting pending additional research.

Standing Rules

Amend 2017.1 Copy of Judge’s books Motion for unanimous consent by Stadter to accept

the amendment as written. Passed

Amend 901.4.2. Documentation for LA Motion for unanimous consent by Crockett to accept the amendment as written. Passed

Add 907.4 Therapy Cat Title Program Motion by Crockett to defer action on proposal till Winter meeting to allow time for Laurie time to work out differences between her proposal and what was rewritten and submitted to the board without her input. Seconded by Bangle. Motion passed. I voted “No” as the Therapy Cat Title has been discussed for almost 3 years now and should move forward. However, I agree that Laurie should have the opportunity to resubmit the proposal as it was originally written, with whatever adjustments needed.

Add 401.1 Feedback on Judging Candidates Discussed at length. Motion by Crockett to take no action. Seconded by Hicks. Passed. I voted “Yes” because I believe the Board needs to give better direction to the Judging Administrator as to what to tell the candidate who was denied. There was also discussion regarding reviewing applicants/judges at the beginning of the meeting so questions regarding the applicant/judge can be addressed if there is a problem and voting on that person deferred until the end of the meeting so clarification can be obtained.


Judging Program

Amend 410.1.5 Guest JudgesMotion by Hicks to accept motion as written, seconded by Bangle. Motion passed. I voted Yes.

Amend 418.7, Delete 418.13 – 418.15, Amend 418.16 HearingsMotion by Crockett to take

No Action, seconded by Stadter. Discussion. Motion passed. I voted Noas I believe the amendment has merit.

Current wording in sections,, 45.5.1, 46.5.1

If an applicant for advancement is denied, the applicant may not apply for reconsideration for 1


Add new rule and renumber as needed

If information is brought forward on an applicant at a meeting that needs clarification, the board may choose to defer action rather than vote on the applicant. Deferred applicants may be voted upon at any later time.” Motion by Crockett to accept motion as written, seconded by Klamm. Motion passed. I voted “Yes”.

Breed Reports

Comments from Rules/Genetics

1.     Chausie Report received

2.     Highlander Report received

3.     Minskin Report received

4.     Minuet Report received

5.     Savannah Report received

6.     Serengeti Report received (1 shown 2x in 2015, 4 shown in 8 shows 2014)

7.     Donskoy Report received

Breed Committees Appointments

Bengal Motion by Crockett, seconded by Patton to appoint Pat Harbert. Passed. I voted


Cornish Rex Crockett requested Unanimous consent to appoint Jamie Christian. Motion

made by Tullo, seconded by Chisholm to appoint Karen Wilkins. Passed. I voted “Yes.”

September 4, 2015, Friday, 8:30AM


Update on TIFFMotion by Crockett for unanimous consent for the Reciprocity Agreement,
in principle, between TICA and TIFF. Passed

Non domestic cats outcrossing Cancelled

2017 January-Portland Barrett Proposal to have the 2017 Winter Board Meeting held in conjunction with The New Culture Club show. Motion made by Crockett for unanimous consent to hold the 2017 Winter Board Meeting in conjunction with the Portland, OR show the weekend of January 27-29, 2017. Passed


Presentation for 2018 Annual – PartyCatsExcellent presentation

Presentation for 2018 Annual – Alabama Paws & Claws Cat Club Excellent presentation Extremely tough decision because both clubs have excellent facilities and great attractions. The Board voted by secret ballot. Alabama Paws & Claws had the most votes. Motion by Stadter, seconded by Tullo to hold the 2018 Annual in Birmingham, AL. Passed unanimously.


1.   Conduct detrimental to the association (Show Rule 23.6.5) Discussion held regarding the pros and cons of defining specifics.

2.   Reciprocity for judges with CFA Discussed at length. Conclusion, reciprocity not needed. TICA judges can alreay judge for CFA, if asked. CFA needs to change their policy.

3.   OnLine Litter Registration (Notification of the owner of the sire) Discussed having the EO notify the owner of the sire that a litter has been registered to their sire and giving them X number of days to revoke the litter registration. EO will work on this as it is a procedural issue and report at the Winter 2016 meeting.

4.   International Countries not in a Region (NON-VOTING)

Winter Meeting, Motion #8 reads: Motion made by Crockett for unanimous consent to appoint Lisa Dickie to represent the International Region as Associate Director. Without objection. TICA By-Laws, 1012.1 states: International (IN) (NOT A REGION) Discussed the wording used. Placed on Follow-up report for Rules to make sure awarding Regional awards for the IN Region is not in conflict of the By-Laws.

5.   Weekend designations to the Standing Rules: 109 Meetings of the Board of Directors. (By-Laws, ARTICLE NINE):

NOW 109.2.1 Meetings of the Board shall be held in January (Winter Meeting), in May (Spring Meeting) and the week immediately preceding Labor Day weekend (TICA Annual). All of these Board Meetings shall be scheduled for a minimum of 2 days. BEFORE Meetings of the Board shall be the fourth full weekend in January (Winter Meeting, the third full weekend in May (Spring Meeting) and the week immediately preceding Labor Day weekend (TICA Annual). Board decided to leave things as they are now to allow for flexibility.

6.   Khaomanee Board Liaison – Mike Vasquez was appointed

7.   Cost of 5-generation pedigree – Motion made by Bangle for Unanimous Consent to take no action on this proposal.

8.   Foundation registrations in Taiwan (Dickie) Because many of the cats there do not have registration papers, the two clubs are having cats evaluated for foundation registration. At one show, Lisa evaluated 106 cats. The forms were not completely filled out and they were never sent in to the EO with payment. Apparently, they are being completed now and should be sent to the EO in the next week or so.


Automation Report Update EO All Joomla issues have been resolved and the TICA website has returned to Joomla and is running smoothly. Very detailed report given on what Lesley Hart’s responsibilities are and what is going in the IT department.

Suggestion made by Crockett that pedigrees be made available via email with use of watermark or some other means of making the certificate official. Concerns expressed by Crockett that DARs are not being sent electronically, which would save time and money. Would like programming to allow for this. Suggestion by Klamm & Patton for the EO to create


an interim means of sending DARs electronically instead of by mail. Lesley and Frances said that they can set something up and try it for 60 days to see if it is working efficiently.

Motion by Crockett and seconded by Chisolm to suggest that the President appoint Sean Corfield as head of the Computer Committee. Motion Passed. I voted “Yes.”

Breed Advancement

Lykoi – 13 Lykoi to Lykoi breedings so far. Recessive gene. Dr. Lyons is working on

identifying the location of the gene and is close.

Motion by Hicks, seconded by Crockett to advance the Lykoi to ANB. Passed. I voted “Yes.”

Motion by Crockett for Unanimous Consent to add the definition of Roan to the UCD. Passed. Roan: A unique coloration in which solid white hairs are thickly interspersed with normal pigmented hairs throughout a cat’s coat. The color in the pigmented hairs defines the description for roan (i.e. black roan, blue roan, red roan, etc.).

Motion by Crockett for Unanimous Consent to add the definition of Amelanistic, as amended, to the UCD. Passed.

Amelanistic: The absence of melanin (the pigment responsible for color) in a cats coat, skin, or eyes. Amelanistic hair and skin will appear white, while amelanistic eyes will be pink. Albinism is a disorder that causes extreme amelanistic characteristics where all parts of a cat are affected.

Motion by Crockett for Unanimous Consent to change the definition of Mask. Passed MASK:

Delete current definition: Darker color covers the face, including whisker pads and may be connected to the ears by tracings.

And replace by:

Mask refers to frontal facial features that may differ from the normally accepted markings of a cat’s face.

    Mask may refer to the darker color around the eyes, nose, muzzle and chin of a pointed, sepia or mink cat and which may be connected to the ears by tracings.

    Mask may refer to areas of the face that are hairless or sparsely haired around the eyes, nose, muzzle, and chin tip giving a ghostlike appearance to the face. The sparsely haired or hairless areas are connected.


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