My Notes from the 2015 Spring Board Meeting

Disclaimer:  These are exactly what is stated, my notes, and are not the official minutes. They may contain errors.  The official minutes will be posted on the TICA web site in the next few weeks after they have been thoroughly reviewed to ensure they are correct.  I am posting my notes so the region has an idea of what occurred during the meeting.



Minutes, Corrections/Additions Unanimous consent to accept Minutes as presented.

Follow Up Report  See below

Annual 2015 Update Annual is progressing on schedule.  Discussion about seating the Board at the banquet.



Marketing Report-Fulkerson See separate TICA Marketing Overview

3rd Qtr Financial Review & Budget  Motion to accept financial report as presentedMotion carried unanimously.

2015-16 Budget  Motion to accept budget as presented.  Motion carried unanimously.



Move BS/BL to Category I Unanimous consent to move the BS Group to Category I. 


PS/HI/ES Breed Group (2015 Winter Meeting Motion 64) Motion fill the remaining two breed committee positions in the PS Breed Group.  Motion carried.  13-Yes, 1-No (I voted Yes)

Motion to appoint Steven Savant to PS Breed Group Committee.  Motion carried.  10-Yes, 2-No, 2-Abstain (I voted Yes)

Motion to appoint Chris Unangst to PS Breed Group Committee.  Motion carried.  10-Yes, 3-No, 1-Abstain (I voted Yes)


Appointment of Minuet Board Liaison Unanimous consent to appoint Bobbie Tullo as Board Liaison to the Minuet.



Show Rules (Late entries)  Motion to accept change to show rule  Motion died due to lack of second.  Motion to refer back to Rules for more clarification.  Motion carried unanimously.  Once Rules refines it, it will go to Legal for review prior to the Annual.


Standing Rules

National Awards Program Motion to take no action on rules change for National Awards Program.  Motion carried.  13-Yes, 1-No (I voted Yes)


Therapy Cats Program  Motion to accept proposal.  Discussion held.  Motion withdrawn.  Motion made to refer Cat Therapy Program, to be known as Therapy Cat Title, to Rules for review.  Once Rules finalizes it will be sent to Legal.  Motion carried unanimously.



Addition of Roan  Motion to accept the addition of Roan for the UDC.  Unanimous consent to return Roan to the Breed Group, Genetics and Rules for clarification and to be taken up again at the Annual.


Identify rule changes required to implement Top 15 Finals  Rules identified all necessary changes.  Motion to send back to Rules for an actual proposal of the changes to the rules that have been identified.  8-Yes, 5-No, 1-Abstain.  Motion carried.  (I voted no.  Reason – The cost to make the changes is over $12,000.  Also, there are very few shows (14 – 3.8% of total shows last year) where the numbers are high enough to warrant this change.)



London Pet Expo-Cornwell  The TICA organizers elected to not attend this year due to unreasonable stipulations being placed on them by the Cat Protection League.  This group is very anti-cat breeder and the TICA organizers were very concerned regarding potential problems for TICA exhibitors and bad publicity for TICA.


Redefine Proposal #2 from the 2014 Membership Ballot  Much discussion held.


Website status & Computerization update  Board voted in an earlier ballot to move back to Joomla.  Fate created Computer Committee recently.  Sean Corfield has been very helpful in identifying problems that needed to be addressed.  It will be about 3 months before everything will be finished because they have to fix the problems and then do the data migration.  TICA will be outsourcing some programming for office and TDS online translations.  The translations will be done one at a time.

Task List

Napolean/Minuet changes – done

Experimental Certificate changes – done

Top 25 Regional Awards – in progress

Register HHPs on TDS online – to be worked on

Pedigrees online – to be worked on



Add to breed page on “36.7.1 Purpose. The Experimental Record is for tracking the parentage of cats not yet recognized in TICA for the Stud Book or Foundation Registries. Tracking of these proposed breeds will provide a precise chronicle of the proposed breed’s progress and development. Records will include analysis of any genetic problems inherent in a particular breeding program thus proving or disproving its future acceptance as a viable, healthy breed”  Also add to certificate: “This breed and breed name are not recognized or approved by TICA”. (Hart)  Motion to state on Experimental Certificate, “Not eligible for competition instead of “Not eligible for exhibition.  Motion carried unanimously.


Ojos Azules working breed chair and breed report requested for next meeting. (Hicks)  No update reports received from committee.  No Ojos Azules registered in 2014 and 2015.  Motion to transfer Ojos Azules to Registration Only.  Motion carried unanimously.


Judging Administrator to send reminders to judges with missing judge’s photos on web. (Anderson)  This is being done now and follow-ups are being sent for photos not received.


Send proposal to rules on Transfer Traditional Entries to TICA show on opening day of show. (Bourreau)  See Proposals.


Write up the program requirements for the cat therapy program and send to rules. (Patton) See Proposals.


Write up a contract for the TICA Treasurer position. (Adler)  Discussed in Executive Session.


The Aphrodite breed needs to resubmit an application for Registration Only. (Hicks)  Application is now complete.  Motion to accept the Aphrodite transfer breed application for Registration Only.  Discussion.  Motion carried.  11-Yes, 3-Abstain.  (I voted Yes.)


Notice to Treasurer with Top 25 RW increase, the Yearbook will cost more, can we find room in the budget? (Fisher)  Addressed in Budget


Recommendation for a TREND article about Vickie Fisher visiting LOOF while in France. (Fisher)  Fate discussed this with Vickie.  It was decided that the visit was too long ago to be a timely article for the Trend.


Committee Chairs need to write Job Descriptions for all committees. (Committee Chairs)  Chairs will review descriptions in Standing Rules to ensure they are correct/complete.


Research and submit the rules changes needed to implement Top 15 finals if 75 or more cats competing in class. (Rules)  See proposals.


Standing Rule 901. “The Top 2 Cats in each color of their respective breeds receive a color certificate by mail from the appropriate Regional Director” – programming estimate to have PDF certificates sent by the Executive Office. (Hart)  Discussed.  Motion to keep the Regional top three color award responsibility as is.  9-Yes, 3-No, 2-Abstain  (I voted Yes)


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