Notes from the Spring Board Meeting

Wendy’s Notes from the Spring Board Meeting Additional Award Levels Discussion Most regions asked how will the awards be paid for? Suggestions: Extend final #s for larger classes, give more recognition to LA, OS, OD. Add Breed Winner designations to cat registration/titles. Increase the # of Regional Awards. Very positive… Continue reading

2014 Spring Proposals

There are 5 proposals/ideas, so far, that will be discussed at the Spring Board Meeting in May, I have uploaded them into a Dropbox called 2014 Spring Proposals. You can access them via the link below. Please review them carefully and provide me with your opinions. You can email them… Continue reading


Appointments to the HHP Breed Committee Motion made by Klamm and seconded by Hicks to accept Cheryl’s proposal to fill the HPP Breed Committee.  Discussion was held regarding Committee vs. Breed Committee and three appointees all from SC Region.  Motion amended to appoint Caroline Fralia & Beth Edwards to HHP… Continue reading